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The Power of Change

Why do things have to change? Does that sound like you or someone you know?

With so many changes going on in this world, it would be hard not to be affected by change of some kind. Technology is a prime example of change as its constantly changing so much so it challenges us to keep up to date.  And then there are changes with online banking, self -check- out counters, smart phones, iPads, iPods, eBooks or Skype, and recording TV shows or watching movies (Netflix) or even the changes in weather; we can’t seem to escape from change.

Break Bad Habits with New Routines

We are in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions. What about starting right now, before the end of the year to make some small changes? The excuse I hear at this time of the year is that “It’s the holidays”. But have you ever noticed that more people get sick after the holidays? All that overeating puts a burden on the immune system. We forget about going to the health club because we are so busy going to all the parties and holiday events. Also we might be burning the candle at both ends and not getting enough sleep. All of these behaviors are really a result of our habits.

Write A Business Plan Month

Did you know December is national “Write a Business Plan” Month? In the midst of holiday parties and social obligations there is one more thing to add to your list – a business plan! Where do you begin?

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