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Self Reflection Time

It’s that time of the year where the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, begs for some self reflection time since the darkness brings time for introspection.

There are many aspects of self to examine. But since it is close to the new year’s resolution time, let’s examine what we could do differently. Not all will apply but you can examine which ones could be changed.

Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset: The Calming Power of “No”

How do you feel about saying no to someone in the business, either colleagues or clients? Do you find that you say yes out of obligation or guilt, or do you just have a hard time saying no and not sure why?

The lack of using that little word “no” can have such a powerful effect on our lives and our emotional energy. It can be the difference between feeling good and in control of our lives, to feeling overwhelmed with a heavy workload and high levels of stress.

Turning Your Business Into Cash: Planning an Exit

Turning Your Business Into Cash: Planning an Exit

Many entrepreneurs have much of their net worth tied up in their companies. The trick is turning that into cash when it’s time to retire.

Business owners often begin thinking about Exit Planning when they start feeling that they want to do something besides go to work every day. They may prefer to be doing something else, or they simply no longer get the same kick out of doing what they do – they just don’t have the same “fire in the belly” as they once did.  They may think that it would be awesome to gain financial independence by selling the business (“cashing in”) or at least part of it (“taking money off the table”). When these thoughts grow in intensity and frequency, they may seriously think about exiting the business.

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